Kerala Style Thani Nadan Chuttaracha Chammanthi

Recipe of Roasted Coconut & Red Chilly Chutney/Mash locally known as Chuttaracha Chammanthy. It is a tasty dish prepared in the households of Kerala During monsoon season we may suffer from fever, dengue, cold and sore throat. Ayurveda recommends taking light food like rice porridge for getting easily digestible, reduce tiredness and also to provide instant energy. We can have chuttaracha chammanthi with warm rice porridge. This recipe is one of the superb combinations of roasted coconut and spices. Traditionally in open fireplace with charcoal coconut and red chilies are roasted.

Ingredients :

1. Coconut ½ portion sliced pieces – 1cup

2. Dry Red Chilly – 5nos

3. Shallots/Small onion – 3nos

4. Ginger – 1 small piece

5. Tamarind 1small ball – size of gooseberry

6. Curry leaves

7. Salt to taste


First roast coconut slices in open fireplace. Color of coconut slices turn red. Take care not to burn them. Next roast the red chilly till the color changes. Remove from fire. Allow to cool and, when it cools grind coconut and red chilly in ammikallu (flat grinding stone with a cylindrical pestle). Once they are finely ground all other ingredients and grind them together. If needed sprinkle some water. Remove chammanthi /chutney/mash from grinding stone and give a nice ball shape. Serve this special taste of roasted coconut and fresh spices chammanthi with warm Kanji/Rice porridge. Be Healthy & Beautiful.


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